Thursday, July 7, 2011

Portrait Art Series: Drawing with Colored Pencils

Portrait: Brayton in Colored Pencil
        Colored pencils! Yeah, they are like first cousins with the famous crayon. Now I am sure that each one of us at sometime has created our own piece of  refrigerator art. These colorful masterpieces mark the beginning of the making of a future Picasso. 

         The idea of using colored pencils to produce a high quality piece of art might seem unusual, but if done properly it will produce a photo esque creation. There are a few general concepts, tips, and techniques that one needs to learn in order to draw with colored pencils. Below is a summarized list of these concepts.

  • Layering and crosshatching used for blending.
  • Building up color gradually with soft pencil strokes.
  • Keeping a very sharp colored pencil tip.
  • Keeping your pencil strokes neat and clean, not sloppy and messy.
  • Remember colored pencil can only be erased to an extent.
  • Keep the paper surface clean of any colored pencil crumbs. 
              The process can be a bit tedious but it is will worth the time invested. To learn more about these techniques check out this Colored Pencil Tutorial.
              Now, I am not saying that by following this tutorial you will become the next Claude Monet, but you will have fun and you might learn a thing or two. The cool thing about colored pencils is that if used correctly they can produce very vibrant and colorful pictures.
    Check out the artwork page.

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